Argor Heraeus Gold

Argor Heraeus Gold

Argor-Heraeus has been a major gold refiner and bar manufacturer for
over 60 years.

Argor Heraeus SA – Kine bar

The Kinebar® is a unique, world-wide exclusive on which KINEGRAM® technology (developed jointly by Argor-Heraeus and OVD Kinegram Corp.) is applied to gold bars.

The KINEGRAM® is a high-tech defractive security embossed into the substrate of the bar to create a new and exclusive high-range product: the Kinebar®.

On request, the KINEGRAM® can be applied to the rear of our standard minted gold bars (1 to 20 grams and 1 oz.).

Argor Heraeus SA – Mint Location

Argor-Heraeus SA, a leading international gold refiner and bar
manufacturer, has its headquarters in Mendrisio, about 17 km from
Lugano in south eastern Switzerland.

Gold refining and the manufacture of bars and other precious metal
products take place in Mendrisio

Argor Heraeus SA – Company Background

The company was founded as Argor SA in Chiasso in 1951. In 1960, the
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) obtained an 80% holding, acquiring full
ownership in 1973.

In 1986, Argor-Heraeus SA was established as a joint-venture between
UBS and Heraeus Holding GmbH.

In 1999, when UBS withdrew, Heraeus and Argor-Heraeus management
acquired the company.

In the same year, Commerzbank International SA became a shareholder,
alongside Heraeus and management.

In 2002, the Austrian Mint also became a shareholder, alongside
Heraeus, Commerzbank and management.

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