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Perth Mint Announce 2015 Gold Bullion Coin Program

Perth Mint: 2015 Gold Bullion Coin Program


Perth Mint has unveiled the latest designs of the Australian 2015 Bullion Coin Program to an audience of financiers and investors in Frankfurt, Germany – its number one market for gold and silver bullion coins.

Comprising 99.99% pure gold coins ranging in sizes from 1/20 oz to 10 kilos, these stunning coins are released with select mintage limits and distinguished designs.

Perth Mint Sales and Marketing Director, Ron Currie, said that European investors purchased 1.6 million investment coins in this past year. “We expect these authentic designs to prompt further purchases from established clients, as well as capture the interest of new investors throughout Europe and across the world,” he added.


Perth Mint Announce 2015 Gold Bullion Coin Program
Perth Mint Announce 2015 Gold Bullion Coin Program

The four smaller coins from the Australian Kangaroo gold series will illustrate a bounding kangaroo as it crosses the Australian outback with the moon in the background.

To complement this artistry, the kilo release will feature a leaping red kangaroo circled by rays of sunlight.



Featuring an Eastern theme, the 2015 designs of the Australian Lunar coin series will celebrate the Year of the Goat.

The gold coins will capture a goat standing on a ridge with mountains in the background, while the silver issues will depict a family of goats standing amid a stylised rural scene.

Scheduled for release over the next four months, the Australian Lunar and Kookaburra series will be available from September, followed by the Kangaroo in October, the Koala in November, and the Platypus in January.

The 2015 Australian Bullion Coin Program is available from the Bullion Trading Desk at The Perth Mint, 310 Hay Street in East Perth.

The investment offerings can also be ordered via the Mint’s dedicated Bullion Line 1300 201 112 (Australia), +61 8 9421 7218 (International), or online at

Investors can also check the availability of the releases with leading bullion coin dealers.

Perth Mint Gold Coins

Perth Mint Gold Coins

Perth Mint Gold Coins – Minted in Western Australia (WA),  are a trusted name and extremely sought after by World Gold Bullion Investors, producing popular annual coins such as the Australian Kangaroo and Lunar Series



The Australian Lunar series of gold bullion coins epitomizes The Perth Mint’s rich tradition of minting investor coins portraying Chinese themes????????????? ???????? ???? ???? TD-5005/TD-5006????, and each gold Lunar bullion coin features one of 12 animals associated with the ancient Chinese lunar calendar??????????????????????????? CK-G1207 ?453-1001 ???????? ????????????????????????????.

All Perth Mint gold Lunar bullion coins are struck from 99????????? ???.99% pure gold and are issued as Australian legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965?????20?????????DVD??DVD9??+???DVD1?, the undisputed guarantee of its weight and purity

All Perth Mint Lunar gold bullion coins are sealed in original mint plastic capsules as issued to protect the coins from scratching

Lunar Gold Bullion Series 1

Lunar Gold Bullion Series 2


The Gold Nugget / Kangaroo series was introduced in 1986 by Gold Corporation, a company wholly owned by the government of Western Australia, more commonly known by its trading name The Perth Mint. This issue of coins had two unique features: a “two-tone” frosted design effect, and individual hard plastic encapsulation of each coin. These features were unusual for a standard bullion coin and gave the Nugget a unique market niche.

Australia Kangaroo Gold Coin Series (Follow link to find out more)

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Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereign

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United Kingdom Gold Sovereign
United Kingdom Gold Sovereign

The sovereign was unique among coins in that it had no denomination, or currency value printed on the coin. Its value was tied to the pound Sterling, which was tied to the gold standard of £3/17s/10 1/2d for a standard ounce of gold. They contain one pound’s (£1) worth of gold (20 shillings), or, 22 carat gold weighing 0.2354 troy oz, a fraction under 1/4 oz.

For this reason it rapidly became an accepted and preferred means of payment by the various merchants around the world, such as the Chinese silk traders, American tobacco sellers and Indian spice merchants.

When the price of gold rose in the 1920s, the gold in sovereigns was worth more than the coin’s face value. This value rose to 28 shillings in 1932. In 1931 general production of sovereigns ceased worldwide, and 1933 was the first time in more than a 100 years that no sovereigns were produced anywhere in the Empire.

Gold coins of Australia (1852 to 1931) were also struck from 22ct gold. The 1852 Adelaide Pound, Australia’s first gold coin, has an actual gold weight of 8.68 grams (Type 1) or 8.81 grams (Type 2). Australian Gold Sovereigns struck between 1855 and 1870 feature the”Sydney Mint” design. From 1871 through 1931 , Imperial Sovereigns minted in Australia are identical to those struck elsewhere, except for the distinctive Sydney (S), Melbourne (M) or Perth (P) Mintmark.

Australian Sovereigns are the rarest and most sought after Sovereigns in the world today, with institutions such as Rothschilds in London taking the time to piece together a complete collection.