China Mint Gold

China Mint Gold Bullion coins – Issued by the Peoples Republic of China Official Mint Annually since 1982 with a new Panda design every year except one, These gold Panda legal tender coins come in a variety of sizes from 1/20 oz to 1 oz

These popular coins are issued in Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated quality with a different design each year. A freeze of the design was announced with the 2001 issues—and thus the 2002 Pandas were identical to 2001. But collectors spoke up in behalf of annual changes, and China reverted to their original policy.

2015 Chinese Gold Panda Coin

The 2015 Gold Panda release are noted by the removal of the inscriptions indicating the weight, metal, and fineness

2015 Chinese Gold Panda Coin
2015 Chinese Gold Panda Coin


There are several Mints that produce these coins, including but not limited to BeijingShenzhenShanghai and Shenyang. Unlike coins made by US mints that carry mint-marks to distinguish their origin, Chinese mints usually do not employ mint-marks.

In certain years there are minor variations—in the size of the date, style of the temple, etc.—in the coin design that allow the originating mint to be determined.

Face Value Nominal Gold Weight Fine Weight Total Weight Diameter Thickness
500 Yuan 1 Troy ounce 31.103 g 32.05 mm 2.70 mm
200 Yuan 1/2 Troy ounce 15.5515 g 27.00 mm 1.85 mm
100 Yuan 1/4 Troy ounce 7.7758 g 21.95 mm 1.53 mm
50 Yuan 1/10 Troy ounce 3.1103 g 17.95 mm 1.05 mm
5 Yuan 1/20 Troy ounce 1.5552 g 13.92 mm 0.83 mm


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