India Gold Sovereign

India Gold Sovereign – Since 1871, British sovereigns were struck at branch mints, in addition to the Royal Mint in London.

The mintmarks are to be found on the ground above the centre of the date, at least for George V sovereigns. Many collectors find the mintmarks very difficult to find at their first attempt, but it really is quite easy once you know where to look.

The first branch mint to strike sovereigns was Sydney in Australia. It made good sense to produce British sovereigns close to the gold mining source areas, rather than ship the gold to London to be made into coin, then possibly ship it back again.
In 1872, the Melbourne mint followed.

The Perth, Australia mint started production of sovereigns in 1899, and the Ottawa mint in Canada started in 1908.

The Bombay mint in India struck sovereigns in just one year, 1918, and the Pretoria mint in South Africa started production in 1923.


Date    Mintage
1918    1,294,372

Rarity of this India Sovereign:


Bombay Mint, India

The Indian Mint at Bombay only struck gold sovereigns for one single year 1918.

Dates Produced

Bombay Mint sovereigns were produced in the following year:-

The rarity of a date is not quite in proportion to the mintage figures. Many are thought to have been melted down, some dates being affected more than others.

With any single-date issue such as the 1918-I sovereign, there is demand as a type coin in addition to demand for it as a date. This applies to mintmarks as well as design types, so there is for example more demand for the Bombay India mint sovereigns of 1918 than for any of the other mint marks of that year.