Metalor Gold

Metalor Gold

Metalor Gold (Metaux Precieux) (Metalor Technologies) are a well known Swiss refiner. They sometimes issue bars under their “Metalor” and are the leading worldwide precious metals refiner based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Metalor Gold Bullion Bars and Ingots are commonly found in sizes 1oz, 100 gram, 250 gram and 1 kilogram


About Metalor:

Metalor Technologies SA, a leading international gold refiner and bar manufacturer, has its headquarters in Neuchâtel, an historical town overlooking Lake Neuchâtel, about 150 km from Zurich.

Most of the Group’s precious metals refining and the manufacture of bars and other products takes place at its refinery in Marin near Neuchâtel. The company also operates gold refineries in four other countries:

USA Metalor Technologies Corporation USA*
Hong Kong Metalor Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited*
China Metalor Technologies (Suzhou) Limited#
Singapore Metalor Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd*

Metalor is a leading participant in the field of precious metals and advanced materials. The focus of Metalor’s business is precious metals. Metalor’s core competencies are chemistry, metallurgy and management of precious metals. The main objective of Metalor consists of creating exceptional value for its customers, stakeholders and shareholders in a culture of performance, innovation, trust and respect.

Metalor has customers on all continents in various industry sectors, from Swiss watch manufacturers to Brazilian electrical equipment suppliers. With subsidiaries all over the world and more than 1700 employees, the Metalor Group is present in Europe, in the United-States, in South-America as well as in Asia. In 2011, Metalor’s net sales amounted CHF 389,9 million. Metalor also benefits of the recent joint recognition of RJC, LBMA, EICC® and GeSI. For more information about Metalor, please visit: